Protect Your Business with Secure Wireless 

Wi-Fi doesn’t give you a competitive advantage, it offers you a chance to compete. With benefits ranging from increased productivity to improved customer satisfaction, providing a wireless network for your employees and guests has become the table stakes of doing business.

We at Westwood Associates understand that enabling Wi-Fi is easy but security can be a challenge. We’ve partnered with WatchGuard Technologies to make sure your business implements the right technology so your corporate data, customer privacy, and reputation will be properly secured.

Here are the top risks facing your wireless environment:

  • Wi-Fi Password Cracking - Wireless access points that still use older security protocols, like WEP, make for easy targets because the passwords are notoriously easy to crack.
  • Rogue Hotspots - Nothing physically prevents a cyber criminal from enabling a foreign access point near your hotspot with a matching SSID, which invites unsuspecting customers to log in. Users that fall victim to the rogue AP are susceptible to a malicious code injection.
  • Planting Malware - A common tactic used by hackers is to plant a backdoor on the network, allowing them to return at a later date to steal sensitive information.
  • Eavesdropping - Guests run the risk of having their private communications detected, or packet sniffed, by nosey cyber snoops while on an unprotected wireless network.
  • Data Theft - Joining a wireless network puts users at risk of losing private documents that may contain highly sensitive information to cyber thieves who opportunistically intercept data being sent through the network.
  • Inappropriate and Illegal Usage - Adult or extremist content can be offensive to neighboring users, and illegal downloads of protected media leave the business susceptible to copyright infringement lawsuits.
  • Bad Neighbors - Mobile attacks, such as Android’s Stagefright, can spread from guest to guest, even if victim zero is oblivious to the outbreak.

Don’t let your Wi-Fi network keep you up at night. Westwood Associates customers connect with confidence.
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